Success Stories

Success Stories

Jyoti and Mahesh

We will hold your hand till the end. We will make your dream of parenthood a reality.

Nikhil and Abha

Welcomed baby girl Jia to the world after a lot of prayers.
Her parents Nikhil and Abha became parents after 12 years of marriage after multiple IVF failure
A healthy baby the ultimate dream of couples looking forward for parenthood.

Neerav and Moni

My dear patients blessed with the good news of becoming parents after a successful IVF after a long struggle. She had a stormy medical history with failed IVF and IUI.

Persistence and perseverance key to success.
Thank you for resting trust on us.

Congratulations to Neerav and Moni

Paramjeet and Prakash

The most priceless gift ever is a handmade “Thank You” card from my patients.
Paramjeet and Prakash conceived after 15 years of marriage. Babybloom wishes them a happy and safe pregnancy

Geetanjali and Ranjan

Geetanjali and Ranjan themselves a respectable name in the medical industry chose Baby Bloom IVF for having their biological child after all centres they visited suggested them donor IVF.
She was a case of low AMH and polyposis.

Follow our YouTube channel to hear about her journey of hope and trust from Geetanjali.

Rekha and Sandeep

Baby Bloom IVF Rohtak Team
Rekha and Sandeep became proud parents of healthy biological baby inspite of her low egg reserve
She was a case of gestational hypertension.
At Baby Bloom IVF and Maternity care we take complete responsibility of our patients to drive them through this

Kavita and Kavi

The happiness we get when we hold our twins Purab and Purvi after 8 months of delivery.
Proud parents Kavita and kavi battled years of social stigma of childlessness.
Its great when the patients have gratitude towards you even after months and years as its difficult to forget the anxiety and childlessness for years.

Parenthood is a right for everyone irrespective of caste religion or socio economic background.

Shika and Jeetender

Shikha is pregnant with twins after losing all hope of treatment from a village in rural Haryana. From a successful IVF to gifting her healthy twins, we have done it all. One stop solutions to all infertility and delivery related problems – Baby Bloom IVF AND Maternity care

Roli and Ashish

The joyful journey of pregnancy after a struggled conception through IVF
All ended on a happy note. Roli and Aashish were blessed with healthy twins.
These are few glimpses of the journey from the news till the safe 7 th month to our little stars in our hands

Shazia and Jamal

Shazia and Jamal met our Babybloom IVF team in a helpless and directionless state in a camp for the poor. They were blessed with a health baby girl after 21 years of marriage.

Latika and Sandeep

A heartfelt thank you from Latika and Sandeep with elders in their family

Rewati and Rakesh

Babybloom IVF is always a part of your journey – happy or sad, up or down.
We are your family all through your IVF journey. Rewati and Rakesh from Jhajjar got their  good news here!

Case of fibroids and multiple prior IVF failures. Happiness in the air!!

Priya and Ramesh

Were blessed with a healthy baby after 9 years of secondary infertility and Ashermans syndrome

You can learn about their  experience on our YouTube channel

Seema and Jatin

After visiting all leading centres in Delhi and Chandigarh I finally got my broken dream mended at Baby Bloom IVF .I had numerous attempts of IUI  and long tedious treatments but without any Positive results. Dr.Pujil  Gulati  was a messenger of God through  whom all my wishes got answered.I feel as if I have got everything now.

Shashikala and Arun

We couldn’t be more happy with the service and treatment we received at Baby Bloom IVF, it makes such a difference these days to feel like you are getting personal one to one care, every member of staff from the receptionist to the consultant was warm and friendly. Everything was explained clearly and the whole experience was stress free. We are now GOING TO BE very proud happy parents to our beautiful baby twins, which at one point we never thought possible.

Harpreet and Jaswinder

After struggling to get pregnant for nearly 15 years WITH SECONDARY INFERTILITY and finding out eventually I needed to have IVF, BABY BLOOM TEAM were brilliant from day 1 Everyone we dealt with were friendly and professional especially KIRTI SISTER and our consultant Dr DrPujil who was amazing.We can’t thank Baby bloom enough for making our dream of children finally a reality and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone needing treatment.“THE DIET CHARTS AND LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION WAS AN INDISPENSIBLE PART OF THE TREATMENT BY MRS PRAMILA GULATI.

Babita and Piyush

I had been married since 23 years .I had a daughter of 17 years .We never wished for a second child till she was 15 years old as she started feeling like a lonely child .the doctors told me it was difficult for me to get pregnant and I was very heartbroken as my daughter wouldn’t have a sibling.One day which I call as Gods day Dr Pujil Gulati had organised a health camp for poor people,I shared my previous reports and concern for future pregnancy. I already had thyroid and diabetes. Dr Pujil put her heart and soul for our treatment and I am blessed with a healthy child today inspite of all odds.Thank you Dr Pujil .I would like to also thank Pramila mam for her diet guidance for diabetes in pregnancy and her sincere follow up.

Kamya and Jatin

I am from a a rural area near ambala and never conceived after having my first child  I  had lost complete hope,mychild turned 4years old and  I  never reconsidered having a baby, but my best friend adviced me to meet Dr Pujil and truely my dream come true , I  had a healthy baby .I beleive my intense desire were answered to be a mother again.

Remya and Riju

I was suffering from secondary infertility since 3 years I was told to undergo many complex treatments but drpujilgulati helped me to cope with this period .I just underwent a simple IUI and today I am blessed with a healthy baby again.I thank Dr Pujil Gulati and the entire team of baby bloom to be so patient with me.She is not only an excellent doctor but an excellent counselor.

Daya and Inder

I have to thank the entire Baby bloom team for helping me to complete my family .I was disheartened as i had taken treatment in the best IVF Centres where i never got so much of personal attention. I am thankful to Dr Pujil Gulati for her one to one attention that she gave throughout the treatment. We always use to meet her unlike other centres where we were handled by different doctors on different visits. I am lucky that I met the great team of Baby Bloom IVF.

Ruby and Suresh

I had lost all hopes of motherhood and underwent many iui s, today I am a proud mother of a girl and a boy today.My family is complete nowI would like to thank drpujil for guiding us through this path so smoothly .I would like to acknowledge her everlasting patience.

Gayatri and Prashant

I was suffering from PCOS and irregular periods because of which most doctor advised us to undergo IVF eventually after regular trials to get pregnant .Dr Pujil Gulati helped us to cope with the emotional crises and counselled us .We followed her advice for trying naturally with mild ovarian stimulation .I got pregnant in the second cycle .We could not even imagine getting results so soon.

Shweta and Rahul

I am Shweta I was diagnosed to have bilateral tubal blockage which was corrected .I conceived in the same cycle after laparoscopy .I am 8 months pregnant now. I thank baby bloom team and Dr. Pujil Gulati to help me cope with an very emotionally challenging period as most of the doctors had advised higher treatment for me.

Preeti and Shailesh

I was married since 16 years and had never conceived ,my desire to get pregnant had almost ended when I was told that I had diabetes also. I conceived in my first attempt of ivf, I couldn’t believe when all of this happened. It took me awhile to believe that my unanswered prayers had been answered. Today I am blessed with a baby girl. Laxmi has come to our house. I am thankful to Dr Pujil Gulati for managing my diabetes and hypertension during my pregnancy. I was young and pregnant again..Thank you dr earl for managing my baby so well Thank you mrspramila for your diet charts. Thank you baby bloom team.

Ramandeep Kaur and Surpeet

I had no children since 18 years ,i had succumbed to my emotional stress and social outcast as I use to live in interiors of a village.I came to know about babybloom through another lady who had conceived from the same centre .It took me 2 years to make up my mind and to trust a new centre and a doctor after so many treatment failures .Today the only thing I regret is not meeting Dr Pujil Gulati earlier,maybe I would have got this precious gift 2 years earlier.

Rahul and Kritika

A doctor and a friend all in one ,Dr Pujil treated my PCOD .I conceived very soon in a very short interval of time .I am thankful for the treatment .

Jasmeet and Harpreet

We have been married for 10 years & were unable to conceive . We had been to many centers in north India but met with no success.We were advised to undergo IVF treatment. We started our treatment at baby bloom IVF center in 2015.We conceived in the 1st cycle of our IVF treatment in January 2015 and were blessed with twins.What impressed us most was the professional way Dr. Pujilgulati managed our treatment and their thorough understanding of our problems – both medical and personal. We were explained every step of the treatment in great detail which made us very comfortable with the process.I had serve endometriosis PCOD and uterine polyps.

All cases are true,all identities have been hidden to protect the privacy of the patients ,names have been changed.
Its not necessary all the pictures have been placed in chronological order, All the pictures and logo are a property of Babybloom IVF.

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